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F-One Kites Tribal Second Edition Kite

In less than one year the Tribal has become the C-Shape hybrid full de-power kite reference. Bringing you enjoyment, feeling, improvement, the Tribal II will stun you. It is a blend of different qualities and it adapts to all areas and styles, from beginners to pro, in free-ride, freestyle, wave-riding and crossing, it stands out every time. Outcome of our know-how, it can be powerful in light wind, smooth in strong wind. Quick to steer it remain predictable. The new Integral system does not interfere with the bar feeling. The depower is progressive and super efficient, you get an immediate feedback which puts you at ease to attempt some new and crazy moves. The steering on the small sizes has been slowed down to bring better control.

We successfully combined flying qualities found on the Impact with de-power found on the Tribal. You control power and steering, you are in charge not your kite.



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