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Best Kiteboarding 2007 Yarga

Once again, Best Kiteboarding delivers revolution in kiteboarding design. Hot on the heels of the performance redefining Waroo 07 and Bularoo comes the new Yarga Hybrid SLE. The new Yarga is the ultimate high performance, extended depower C-kite, that gives all riders 4-line, 5th-line and SLE style micro-bridle set up and performance options.

With four different rigging, relaunch and depower set-ups available, and all of them perfectly tuned straight from the bag, no other Hybrid kite delivers more of the promise of maximum performance, increased depower, improved safety and truly versatile handling.

In 4-line mode, the new Yarga Hybrid SLE is a high performance mid-aspect ratio C-kite. An exceptional, competition ready package, it offers the perfect blend of turning responsiveness, flying speed, stability and ease of use.

The 5th-line option extends the relaunch and depower available to the rider even further, simplifying relaunch whether in flat water or caught out in overhead surf. A quick pull on the optional 5th-line kit flips the Yarga straight onto its back ready for launching.

SLE Micro-bridle mode hugely increases available depower and upwind ability, turning the Yarga from 4-line kite into a high performance SLE in seconds. Switching between rigging set-ups could not be easier, the micro-bridle stows on the back of the LE, meaning there is nothing to detach, and nothing to forget.

SLE+5th-line mode offers riders the ultimate combination of depower, performance, easy handling and instant relaunch.

For 07 we have redesigned the Yarga from the wingtips up, literally, to deliver an unmatched package of precision, power, ease of use and hugely extended wind range. The Yarga Hybrid SLE is the perfect kite for riders who want the flexibility of multiple kite styles, the industrys leading construction package, hardcore competition tuned handling, and unmatched ease of use. There is only one true Hybrid choice.

Yarga Hybrid SLE: Ride it your way



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