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Ocean Rodeo kiting Rise Kites 2008

The Ocean Rodeo Venturi ‘08 RISE

Venturi Technology – translates to bigger, more floaty boosts and a more forgiving, efficient kite that generates even more power for its size than the 07 Rise.

Back flying in light, gusty wind is a thing of the past, and experts can unhook without having to de-power the kite first!

The ‘08 RISE series has ALL the extras – excellent one-pump system (extra large connections for quick pump), ‘beefed up’ reinforcements, pulley systems and attachments.

The new RISE bar features sub bar de-power and safety getting rid of the extra junk above the bar!

The ‘08 RISE series comes either COMPLETE with kite, bar & lines, bag, repair kit and manual or Kite ONLY (pump not included).

Sizes – 2m trainer, 3m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m and 16m

KSD comment: The 10m has the same bottom end pulling power as most ‘07 series 12m SLE kites! If you have been flying a 9m then try the 8m RISE and so on …



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