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Northkiteboarding Rhino Kites 2008

- Massive Wind Range
- Powerful Low End
- 5th Element Safety
- One-Pump System
- Unmatched Upwind Performance
- Huge Hangtime
- Cam Battens
- Sizes: 9 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16

Designed for intermediate to expert riders, the all new Rhino is pushing the limits of kite performance to new levels. The '08 Rhino's flat delta geometry boasts the widest wind range, fastest flying speed and most precise angle of attack control in the North kite range.

An increased number of canopy segments gives the '08 Rhino extreme profile stability making it the ultimate upwind racing machine. The deep canopy profile gives the Rhino extreme low-end power and amazing lift for long lofty jumps. By utilizing stronger, more stable cloth and better strut distribution near tips we have further enhanced the Rhino's extreme stability and ridged structure. The reduction and repositioning of the struts makes the Rhino's turning smooth, light and direct while also reducing the overall weight of the kite.

9m 383cm
10m 408cm
12m 447cm
14m 486cm
16m 523cm



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