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Advance-Kite Kondor

After a 2006 which saw competition between Bow kites and C kites, the 2007 is shaping up to be the year of the Hybrid kites. Evidently it has been proved that the flat profile of a bow kite has great limitations and some problems and the well tested C profile also shows some limitations. Apparently all the kite manufacturers have chosen to develop their own 2007 kite starting from a flat profile and then converting it into a hybrid use. With the Kondor Advance has opted to go the opposite way developing a hybrid profile using as a base a C type kite and being able to exploit the potential of a very good C kite but adding turning speed and de-power from the bow kite.
At Advance Kites as always we did not limit ourselves to follow existing concepts and ideas but with the Kondor we have brought in new technical solutions which mark a new point of reference in the evolution of the kite.
Seeing the hybrid kite as the maximum development at this moment, Advance have created the “DOUBLE HYBRID SYSTEM” moulding the best performances and qualities of bow and C kites in a unique multipurpose kite which is changeable from SLE to 5th line.
The Kondor is the true multipurpose all round kite that thanks to the introduction of technological details like the Evolved 5 th Line and the Variable Shape System can be used by riders of all levels and in any situation or style.
With the Kondor Advance Kites wanted to make a turning point in kite development - the first convertible Hybrid Kite with the Variable Shape System.
Thanks to the hard work that the R&D Team at Advance has put in we have succeeded in creating a kite that can fly with top performance either with the SLE setting or with the new 5 th line tension system “Evolved 5 th Line” which is unique in its genre and is able to change the shape and to sheet in and out while riding. The Evolved 5 th Line works in a way that the pull on the LE is distributed evenly throughout a large segment of the leading edge thanks to the six attachment points that allow the rider to alter the angle of incidence of the wind and to change the shape of the profile, therefore always having control of the power resulting in comfortable and precise riding.
Both systems SLE and Evolved 5 th Line are supplied with the Kondor leaving the choice to the rider which system suits them best for their style in order to progress fast and in total safety.

The new profile with curved tips and multiple attachment points gives the Kondor a very wide range of use in all configurations (SLE and Evolved 5 th Line) and always guarantees max control, comfort, safety and total de-power.
The construction has maintained the usual Advance high standards in order to have a kite that can withstand extreme conditions and radical riders.
The 3D SMOOTH PROFILE helps the struts to keep a precise shape which positively influences the performance of the profile.
With the VTET (VARIABLE TRAILING EDGE TENSION) the tension in the trailing edge remains constant even during the most aggressive kite loops so preserving a smooth profile in fast kite turnings. Strengthening in Dacron and bumpers in EVA protects those areas subject to more risk of wear and tear.
With the Kondor Advance has broken down all the limits of the C and Bow kites and offers to all types of rider a kite that is adaptable to each individual style and not the other way round - with the Kondor the rider is not obliged to adapt his style to the kite but with the choice and ease of use, comfort and safety of this kite it will adapt to your needs with ease. In freeride you do not have to worry about riding in discomfort or gusty winds thanks to the ample range of use and bar softness. In the waves you will have a kite with total de-power at your disposal that will not pull you away when carving. In freestyle you will be amazed at its stability, speed and power which are always there for you to allow you to perform radical moves unhooked.
Available in sizes: 7,9,11,13,15



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