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Rodwy Kitesurfing FLX Kiteboard 2008

RoDwY FLX Board

132*40 cm
(upon request, we can custom produce boards in different sizes)


double concave levels at the rails and tips

Construction design

The construction combines an environmentally friendly Asian hardwood core with a durable PBT top and base sheets, hand shaped ABS rails and stylish sublimated graphics. Unidirectional Carbon reinforced laminates provide the optimal balance between strength, weight, flex and twist control. Tailored thickness flow and flex patterns give a comfortable ride without compromising our wide powerful outline curve that provides “pop” and upwind performance. Rail shapes are hand finished with a thicker more tucked rail in the mid section of the board to help soften the ride through chop. Rails at the tips feature a thinner, harder edge to provide tracking stability and a solid edge hold through carves.

Performance advantages of this allround board are

- smooth in chop, smoother ride overall
- less spray in the face
- nicer for landing powered moves
- way better for waveriding and carving on flat water
- better edging, more control and pop

The RODWY FLX Boards are supplied standard with

- integrated stainless steel inserts
- adjustable footstraps
- removable screw down contoured footpads
- EVA covered grab handle
- 50, 40 and 25mm G10 fins
- stainless steel hardware

Product-ID: 13040-2007-002-FLX



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