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Slingshot Kiteboarding Glide Kiteboard 2008

The Slingshot Glide in its third year continues to dominate the light wind performance category. Proven lightwind design and technology makes the Glide the perfect compliment to any riders board quiver. This lightwind twin tip board with flat rocker and parallel lines creates minimum drag for maximum upwind efficiency. The Glide paired with the right kite is the difference between having fun on the water or standing on the beach.

Ideal for flat water light wind conditions
Twin tip: made to be ridden both ways
X-ply fiberglass layer: delivers a strong and controlled flex
PVC foam core: best strength to weight ratio
Duraglide base: added durability
Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality

Package includes:

Glide deck *
Qty 4: .75 Glide fins
NEWLY REDESIGNED Doyle Asymmetrical Foot pads with toe grip
NEWLY REDESIGNED Doyle Asymmetrical Foot straps
Thermo formed grab handle



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