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RRD Robertoriccidesigns Hyper Type II Kite 2008

A success that keeps evolving. The reference hybrid kite in the market that has set a new standard for a mix of... read more

RRD Robertoriccidesigns Type 9 Kite 2008

RRDs first supported leading edge 4-line kite. Designed to combine performance with maximum depower... read more

Rodwy Kitesurfing FLX Kiteboard 2008

Performance advantages of this allround board are... read more

Ozone Kitesurf Instinct Edge II Kites 2008

High aspect ratio 5-line flat kite with One-Pump and 7 struts... read more

Ozone Kitesurf Instinct Sport II Kites 2008

Medium aspect ratio 5-line flat kite with and rock solid stability... read more

Ozone Kitesurf Instinct Light II Kites 2008

Low aspect ratio 5-line flat kite with One-Pump and 3 struts... read more

Ozone Kitesurf IMP Trainer Kites 2008

The IMP kite is an open cell foil kite designed with ease of use, enjoyment and quality in mind... read more

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